Ravi Apologizes To Fans And The Members Of VIXX In Letter

“I made a foolish decision…”

Ravi posted an apology to his Instagram after admitting to charges of illegally evading his military obligations.

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On April 11, Ravi uploaded an apology to his Instagram. The full apology is translated below.

Hello, this is Ravi.

First, I would like to apologize to all those that I have hurt.

Previously, while I delayed my enlistment after being assigned to civil duties, in order to promote, I learned that I could no longer delay enlistment.

At the time, because I was the only artist bringing in revenue, and due to the fulfillment of contracts signed before COVID-19 being delayed, I was desperate to delay enlistment in fear of the fee that would incur for violating the contracts.

Out of that desperation, I made a foolish decision, and once after my concerns for the agency and the contracts were resolved, I applied to fulfill my civic duties, and since October of last year, I have been fulfilling my military duties.

I would like to apologize to all the epilepsy patients and their families, as well as those who are faithfully carrying out their military duties, who were hurt by my decision, which I tried to justify to myself.

Also, to all those who I have hurt and to the fans who have supported me as much more than just a singer, I sincerely apologize for making you feel like all the times we’ve spent together is destroyed.

I wanted to be someone you can be proud of, but I am ashamed to show you this embarrassing side of me. I believe I was someone who was unworthy of the love you’ve shown me for so long.

Lastly, to prevent even more damage to VIXX members due to my mistake, I have decided to withdraw from the group. I would like to thank and apologize to the members for 11 long years of being with someone who is lacking as me. I hope that the members’ precious efforts aren’t affected by me any longer.

I think I am someone who is lacking, with a lot to learn. I believe I should shoulder all the criticism thrown my way. The more you criticize me, the deeper I will learn.

I know that these sorry words won’t make my mistakes disappear. I will never forget this moment and will try to become a better person.

I sincerely apologize.

— Ravi

Previously, it was reported that prosecutors demanded that Ravi receive a two-year prison sentence for illegally evading his military obligations.

Ravi Finally Confesses Why He Evaded His Military Obligations — Prosecutors Demand 2 Year Prison Sentence

Jellyfish Entertainment has since revealed that Ravi has withdrawn from VIXX.

Jellyfish Entertainment Announces Ravi Has Withdrawn From VIXX

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Source: @ravithecrackkidz/Instagram