Korean Fans Are Not Impressed By IVE’s Official Light Stick Design

They’re not impressed.

IVE debuted on December 1, 2021. A little over a year after their debut, the girls finally get their first official light stick. Fans can purchase through the official shop, Starship Square, and expect to receive the light sticks in early February 2023.

The design is simple, with a white body and a round dome. IVE’s logo is inside the clear dome. A heart-tipped arrow decorates the dome’s base, referencing IVE’s hit song, “LOVE DIVE.”

The light stick will sell for ₩42,000 KRW (about $34.10 USD), a reasonable price compared to most light sticks which go for at least ₩49,000 KRW (about $39.80 USD) or higher.

Despite this, fans don’t seem to be happy with the overly simple design.

| theqoo
  • “Apparently, if they use existing molds, the cost of production is cheap, but if they make a new mold, the mold fees itself are a few tens of thousands. So it seems like they didn’t spend on mold fees as that’s the basic shape.”
  • “Seems like the price of light sticks rose again. Our fandom’s having a new one soon, so it’ll be more expensive.”
  • “Recently, because of semiconductors, the price of light sticks is increasing. It can’t be helped that it’s expensive.”
  • “It looks like they put 0 effort into the design… It would have been good if it was either pretty or groundbreaking…”

Comparatively, groups under the same company have had more unique designs. MONSTA X‘s jewel and crown-shaped design is a fan favorite.

On the other hand, WJSN‘s design is also rather simple, although fans love the floating heart logo and glitter ball dome.


Source: theqoo


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