The Real Reason Why BTS’s RM Might Never Get His Driver’s License

It might not be the reason you thought.

BTS‘s RM might have just revealed the real reason why he has yet to obtain a driver’s license.


While RM is BTS’s leader, he is the only member not to get his driver’s license. So, the other members have to drive when they travel together.

RM (right) in the passenger seat while Suga (left) drove him around during “Bon Voyage” season 4 | HYBE Labels

RM’s preferred choice of transportation is a bicycle, and he even bicycles to work. He has feared driving, so he has agonized over getting his driver’s license.

However, both RM and the members have implied that it might be in everyone’s best interest if he never gets behind the wheel. They have clowned him for his inability to drive but ultimately agree that he probably should not drive due to his “God of Destruction” reputation. Suga even once told RM that he “shouldn’t drive for the peace of the world.”

RM’s clumsiness and tendency to break all he touches might not be the entire reason why he won’t drive, though.

RM shared the results of an eye examination. The top of the paper shows the prescription he needs for glasses which are on the right -7.75 and left -7.50. He has both high myopia (a rare inherited type of high-degree nearsightedness) and astigmatism (a type of refractive error).

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea or lens is curved more steeply in one direction than in another. You have corneal astigmatism if your cornea has mismatched curves. You have lenticular astigmatism if your lens has mismatched curves.

— Mayo Clinic

So, his eye examination shows that RM has to wear glasses to see “normally.” Otherwise, his vision is quite blurred.

His astigmatism especially makes driving at night difficult. So, this might be another reason he would prefer not to get his license.

Previously, RM addressed rumors that he had got his driver’s license. Read more below.

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