BTS’s RM Personally Clears Up Rumors That He Finally Got His Driver’s License

He ended it as soon as it started.

Although BTS‘s RM is the group’s leader, he has for years been the only member yet to obtain his driver’s license. ARMYs suspected this might no longer be true, though.

RM (right) in the passenger seat while Suga (left) drove him around during “Bon Voyage” season 4 | HYBE Labels

RM has an affinity for bicycling, so that is his choice of transportation most often. But he also low-key has a fear of driving. So, he has agonized over when he will get his driver’s license.

While his members have clowned him for his inability to drive, they also have agreed that it’s probably in everyone’s best interest that he never do so due to his “God of Destruction” reputation. Suga even once told RM that he “shouldn’t drive for the peace of the world.”

Despite all this, when the official visualizer for “Hectic (with Colde),” a song from RM’s new solo album Indigo, dropped, ARMYs started to wonder if RM had finally gotten his driver’s license. In the video, which appeared to be shot from the first-person perspective of RM, a man can be seen getting into a car and steering away on the road.

Considering RM had said that he was going to get his driver’s license during the filming of his and Balming Tiger‘s “Sexy Nukim,” we started to believe this was a real possibility.

I’m gonna get my license this year. I’m gonna get it for real. I have to stop the teasing about me not having a license.

— RM


Now, RM has addressed the rumors about his driver’s license.

RM recently hosted a live-streaming party for Indigo on platform STATIONHEAD. While playing “Hectic (with Colde),” RM addressed the comments and refuted the claims that he had gotten his license.

Guys, I don’t have no driver’s license. Don’t misunderstand.

— RM

Well, that’s that! So, there’s no rush to all those who still haven’t gotten their driver’s license. RM still doesn’t have his!

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