The reason behind YG’s unprecedented decision

On November 25th, YG Entertainment made two huge decisions that show the direction Yang Hyun Suk wants to take the company.

In one announcement, he confirmed what many fans of the two groups have feared most – the disbandment of 2NE1 and the departure of Nam Taehyun from WINNER.


Nobody is more heartbroken about the disbandment of 2NE1 than YG. In a statement, YG said that “the amount of sorrow and sadness is indescribable, but after realizing that it is impossible to continue [group] activities, it has been decided that the members will pursue solo activities instead of expecting 2NE1 activities in vain.”

YG also announced that Nam Taehyun would be leaving WINNER and his contract with the company would be terminated. This is YG Entertainment’s first terminated contract in company history. Nam Taehyun has had psychological health problems ever since his trainee days, so YG decided he could no longer continue with the group. YG said, “In the second year after their debut, WINNER’s promotions can no longer be postponed.”

In both groups’ cases, YG was faced with a dilemma: spend time attempting to salvage these popular groups, or stop “postponing” and move on. Both 2NE1 and WINNER are hot topics when it comes to fans asking for a comeback. YG even mentioned that a 2NE1 comeback was in the works when Minzy left the group back in May. YG was stuck in no man’s land, so he did what he felt was necessary.

YG’s focus as an entertainment company is to develop its musicians and move forward in the entertainment industry. In the end, this decision is being seen as a point of moving forward and aiming for a better future. YG’s decisions are a show of confidence in company expectations. YG has confidence that WINNER, iKon, and BLACKPINK can be the new leaders in the Hallyu Wave.


BLACKPINK debuted only 4 months ago, and have already achieved first place on music shows and a perfect all-kill. They have been labeled the “monster rookies” and are leading the transition from the old YG Entertainment to the new.

Source: OSEN