“Reborn Rich” Actor Song Joong Ki Reveals The “Most Significant Change” Made To His Life In 2022

This “change” has taught him how to be more at peace!

In the latest edition of ELLE KoreaReborn Rich leads Lee Sung Min and Song Joong Ki sat down for an exclusive interview about the hit series. And during this interview, Song Joong Ki gave fans a much-awaited update about his personal life!

Song Joong Ki | ELLE Korea

When asked about the changes he saw in 2022, Song Joong Ki revealed that he welcomed a dog, Nalla, as his family! Dubbing it “the most significant change” of the year, the actor said Nalla had forced him to adapt.

Nalla | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

The most significant change made to my life this year is, of course, my pet Nalla.

— Song Joong Ki

In addition to making him walk twice daily, Song Joong Ki shared that Nalla improved his relationships with his neighbors. Nalla, who “steals all the attention” from the neighbors, has given him peace of mind, said Song Joong Ki.

I became a bit more diligent. I have to walk Nalla once or twice daily, at the very least. And with Nalla being so beautiful and cute, I started interacting with my neighbors better. Like, we say hello a lot more. And Nalla has given me more peace of mind to appreciate.

When we go on a walk, Nalla steals all the attention. It’s all eyes on Nalla. People will notice Nalla first, ask questions about Nalla, and then recognize me way later.

— Song Joong Ki

Back in December 2021, Song Joong Ki uploaded a picture of him holding an Italian Greyhound puppy on his Instagram—though without a caption. Not much speculation came from this post…

…until the puppy reappeared in March and April of 2022. While Song Joong Ki remained quiet about these posts and stories, not making any statements about “whose dog,” fans began picking up the clues.

Now that Nalla has made an official debut, Song Joong Ki fans are hopeful for more dog-dad content from the actor—a Nalla-walking vlog being one of the highest in demand!

Source: ELLE Korea
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