K-Drama “Reborn Rich” Gets Criticized For Using Too Much Filter On Song Joong Ki

It was done to help him look younger.

It’s no news that K-Dramas often use filters for their shows. These filters are often added in post-production, to help add to the mood or aesthetic. Sometimes, these filters also have a skin-smoothing effect.

It seems like the new K-Drama, Reborn Rich, took things a little too far. According to Korean media outlet iNews24, viewers have claimed to be put off by the thick filter used on Song Joong Ki.


Filters were used to smooth out his wrinkles and skin. At 37 years old internationally, he is hardly that old to begin with. He has also been known to look younger than his age, with flawless skin. But what viewers seem to have a problem with, is how the filter was only applied to him, making him look like a fish out of water with the other characters.


Comparatively, the skin texture of the other actors can still be seen, even with a slight color filter.

Other actors in comparison. | JTBC

Although the directors probably did it to make it more convincing that Song Joong Ki was playing a man in his early-twenties, some viewers found it excessive. On the other hand, other netizens defended the production, claiming that it was necessary to help viewers immerse in the storyline.

JTBC has not commented on the matter yet.

Source: iNews24
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