Recent Photos Of BTS Practice Room Hint At New Choreography

Following the release of Jungkook’s stunning new teaser image for BTS’s Love Yourself series and upcoming comeback, fan theories are in full swing.

BTS’s dance teacher, Son Song Deuk, uploaded a photo to Instagram a few days ago of the interior of BTS’s practice room.

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While everyone knew that BTS would be working hard as ever for the best comeback for their ARMY, the amount of scrapes was a little stunning.


This left everyone wondering, what could the new dance possibly look like?

Theories began cropping up this morning that the curve of the markings may mean something…

Others are skeptical that a theory like that would be so obvious.

Although, if it’s true, it would be REALLY cool.

Really though, all these hints and no answers are just stirring up more excitement for the group’s mega-anticipated return!

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