Recent Photos of Idol-Turned-Actress Minah Has Netizens Raising Concerns For Her Health

Fans couldn’t help but notice the slender figure in her Bangkok vacation photos.

In her latest updates to Instagram, Girl’s Day‘s Minah (also known as Bang Min Ah) posed in a bikini top.

Girl’s Day’s Minah | @bbang_93/Instagram

Prior to the premiere of her latest K-Drama, Delivery Man, Minah has been vacationing in Bangkok, Thailand.

Minah looked relaxed, soaking up the sun at an outdoor pool…

| @bbang_93/Instagram

…showing off her slender figure.

| @bbang_93/Instagram

While the photos gave the fans a much-awaited update on how the idol-turned-actress was doing, Minah faced online concerns about her health and well-being.

Most fans praised Minah’s updates…

…except some who believed, based on the photos, that Minah is “underweight.” The concerned netizens commented, “eat more,” asking her to “bring back the curvier Minah from the past.” One netizen even asked, “How come you’re getting skinnier and skinnier?”

| @bbang_93/Instagram

  • “You should eat a lot more food!!!”
  • “How come you’re getting skinnier and skinnier…?”
  • Unnie, please eat a lot. T-T”
  • “Please bring back the curvier Girl’s Day cutie Minah.”

This is not the first time a K-Pop idol’s figure has raised online concerns. IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung has had her fair share of worried fans pointing out her “skinniness.” 

Because the K-Pop and Korean entertainment industries are notorious for holding female celebrities to extreme standards, fans remain extra cautious of their biases’ shapes—though Minah has not responded to the concerned comments.

Recent Photos Of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Has Netizens Raising Concerns For The Idol’s Health And Wellbeing

Watch the official teaser for Minah’s upcoming K-Drama Delivery Man here.

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