Red Velvet’s Irene To Make Her Movie Debut In Film By Award-Winning Director

Get ready for actress Irene.

Red Velvet‘s Irene will be making her movie actress debut in Award-winning director Baek Seung Hwan‘s new film.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Seoul, Irene has been cast as the main character for the movie Double Patty, which is preparing for filming. Double Patty is a film about the growth of the nation’s youth, and in the movie, Irene’s character is as an aspiring anchorwoman.

Baek Seung Hwan won the Best Director Award at the 2019 Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards for his movie The First Shot, which starred Hyelim. Double Patty plans on beginning filming in August, with the hopes of being able to release the movie in theaters by the end of the year.

SM Entertainment has since confirmed Irene will be appearing in the movie.

Irene will appear in Double Patty as an aspiring anchor. Filming is scheduled to begin in August.

— SM Entertainment

This would be Irene’s first acting role since 2016, when she made her acting debut as Ahreum in the webdrama Women at a Game Company. Watch some highlights of her acting in her webdrama below:

Source: Sports Seoul and Sports Today

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