Red Velvet’s Irene’s “Perfect 10” Visuals Go Viral After Her Teaser’s Release

She’s Original Visual!

As a part of the Queens Mystic General Store pre-comeback promotions, Red Velvet has been uploading a solo teaser video each day to their social media accounts. These videos include a themed look back on one of Red Velvet’s B-sides from a past album.

“Somethin Kinda Crazy” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

So far, Wendy has made her appearance in a punk-rock setting of “I Just” from their album Perfect Velvet.

“I Just” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Yeri has done a sweet, social media themed version of “Talk to Me” from their mini album Rookie. Both teasers have also experienced the chaotic presences of a mysterious white cat who appears in the poster for the pre-comeback as well.

“Talk To Me” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Irene has now joined the mix with her teaser set to the song “Perfect 10”, also from the Perfect Velvet album.

“Perfect 10” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

In the teaser, Irene shows off her visuals in a gorgeous white gown and even reveals a wet hair look in a white bathtub.

“Perfect 10” | Red Velvet/YouTube 
“Perfect 10” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

While in this tub, Irene suddenly sprouts a tail, making Irene herself the third appearance of the cat across the solo teasers.

“Perfect 10” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

ReVeluvs were already excited for her return after her controversy last year and to say this teaser was a triumph is an understatement.

“Perfect 10” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Not only were Irene’s visuals on point, but within a couple hours of the teasers release the hashtag QUEENS_IRENE had almost surpassed two hundred thousand tweets.

| Entertainment/Twitter

Irene as a topic on Twitter has also been tweeted over four hundred and fifty thousand times in relation to these teasers.

“Perfect 10” | Red Velvet/YouTube

Fans have been sharing their thoughts on the teaser from just how overwhelming her visuals have been:

To the truth behind her previously claimed status as “Original Visual” in their song “Psycho”:

Some have found her visuals to be almost too powerful:

And even still, some fans can’t get over the twist of her being a cat:

This fan, however, seemed to sum up what we were all thinking:

What are your thoughts on Red Velvet’s teasers so far? Are you excited for Queens Mystic General Store? Let us know and check out Irene’s teaser video below!

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