Korean Netizens Shower Red Velvet’s Irene With Support Following The Group’s OT5 Comeback Teaser

Her return has become the talk of the town.

Get ready because Red Velvet is finally making their highly awaited comeback. SM Entertainment has been releasing mysterious photos ahead of the girl group’s comeback on their Instagram and Twitter accounts, adding onto the anticipation. It’s been almost two years since the girls stood on the stage as 5 members so this upcoming August return holds an even more special meaning for ReVeluvs (Red Velvet fans.)

Red Velvet’s upcoming comeback teaser | @RVsmtown/Twitter

With that said, one member in particular has been garnering heavy attention for her appearance in the recent “Somethin Kinda Crazy” teaser video that was released on July 25. The member in question? It is none other than Red Velvet’s very own leader and visual, Irene.

Red Velvet’s Irene (top left) in the comeback teaser | @RVsmtown/Twitter

Irene is the first member viewers see when they tune into the girl group’s “Somethin Kinda Crazy” teaser video. Her undeniably gorgeous visuals peep out from behind a door, starting off the video on a strong note.

After each member gets a turn in the teaser, Irene shows off the full effect of her visual shock as she turns around to face the camera.

With a big, black bow adorning her head, Irene continues to do her thing and walks around the mysterious vintage shop.

Irene’s appearance in the teaser has become the talk of the town since it’ll mark her first promotional activities since her attitude controversy back in October 2020. Previously, the Red Velvet member was called out by a stylist, who claimed that Irene had “poor manners and behavior that led [them] to burst out in tears.”

Following the stylist’s criticisms, both SM Entertainment and Irene issued their apologies for the incident. Ever since, the Red Velvet member has remained out of the spotlight and seemingly went on a temporary hiatus. She briefly made an appearance in February to promote her debut film Double Patty, but has not really been heard from since.

Red Velvet’s Irene at the “Double Patty” press conference in February 2021.

Due to this being her first full appearance back in the spotlight in 9 months, fans couldn’t help but be even more excited for her return. As they expressed their unending support for Irene during this time, Korean netizens have also began to chime in with their words of encouragement for the Red Velvet member as she gets ready to make a comeback full force.

| theqoo
  • “Juhyun (Irene’s birth name)!!! It’s been so long. You’re so so pretty ㅜㅜㅜㅜ Red Velvet hwaiting.
  • “I’m looking forward to it. I will pray that Red Velvet will do well this comeback~”
  • “Irene is so freaking pretty. Red Velvet hwaiting.”
  • “I am so excited. It’s been too long.”
  • “I will always support Red Velvet!!!”
Red Velvet’s Irene in the “Somethin Kinda Crazy” teaser | YouTube

Red Velvet’s Queens Mystic General Store teasers are a part of their pre-comeback promotion and they will be releasing one new video per day up until August 1. You can check out Irene and the rest of the members in their group teaser down below.

Source: theqoo

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