Red Velvet May Have Just Paid Tribute To Wendy On The Red Carpet At The 29th Seoul Music Awards

You might have missed this!

Red Velvet may have just paid tribute to Wendy at the 29th Seoul Music Awards!

Red Velvet attended the recent 29th Seoul Music Awards, and graced the red carpet in gorgeous blue dresses that compliment their visuals so much!

While all fans were aware of how beautiful they looked, some fans deduced that their looks on the red carpet had a much deeper, very intentional meaning as a tribute to Wendy!

All the members of Red Velvet each have designated colors: Irene is red, Seulgi is yellow, Wendy is blue, Joy is green and Yeri is purple. Over the years, Red Velvet has almost always shown up at the red carpets in matching outfits of black or white.

Seoul Music Awards 2017:

Seoul Music Awards 2018:

Seoul Music Awards 2019:

But with their all blue matching outfits this year, the girls seem to send the message that they miss Wendy, who’s recovering from an accident, and are paying tribute to their fellow member by proudly wearing her representative color!

Along with delivering stellar visuals, Red Velvet also delivered a jaw-dropping performance! They performed highlights of all their hit tracks, and also performed an intro and their latest hit song, “Psycho”!

The group also took home a Bonsang at the award show, and in their winning speech, gave the cutest shoutout to Wendy!

Irene said,

We would like to thank teacher Lee Soo Man who put a lot of care into producing our new song. Even until the end of 2019, we received a lot of love, thank you very much. Wendy is not with us here right now, and although it hurts, we will wait for her just like the fans are waiting for her.


Seulgi then added,

Happy new year, and don’t be hurt. We will come back as 5 in 2020, and show you a cooler side of us.


In their celebratory pictures that they uploaded to Instagram later, they also made sure to leave space for Wendy, with Seulgi holding out her arm as if putting it around Wendy!

No matter what, Red Velvet is always there to support each other!

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