Red Velvet’s Seulgi Fangirls Over MAMAMOO On Instagram, Proving She Is The Most Supportive Bestie

She is one of the radishes we’re afraid.

MAMAMOO made their much-awaited group comeback on October 11, KST, with the mini album Mic On. While fans are raving about the new music, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi decided to join in.

Seulgi posted a screenshot of her listening to “Illella,” the title track of Mic On, with a caption that read, “MAMAMOO has done it!!” The screengrab also shows that she added the song to her favorites on Melon.

Seulgi also recently made her solo debut with 28 Reasons, and MAMAMOO member Moonbyul showed her support for Seulgi’s music through her Instagram story. Seulgi had reposted the story with a caption saying she was looking forward to MAMAMOO’s group comeback and wanted to meet Moonbyul again!

Moonbyul has now reposted Seulgi’s story with a caption that says, “Finally, we are meeting!”

Fans are over the moon with this cute supportive friendship among the idols. Since both MAMAMOO and Seulgi will be promoting during the same period, fans are guessing there will be some on-screen interactions soon.

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