Red Velvet’s Seulgi Gives Fans An Update On Wendy’s Whereabouts And Irene Promises A Comeback With All Members

Revving up for the summer queens.

As many fans know, Red Velvet‘s Wendy was taken to the ER last year after an accident at the SBS Gayo Daejun 2019 rehearsals, after a 2.5m fall from a platform. Since then, she has been focused on recovering and recuperation, of course, with the help and support from her loving members and family.

In a recent interview with Star News, Red Velvet sat down to talk about their latest activities with I&S‘s “Monster” as well as other fun anecdotes about the group. The girls are aware that fans are sorely missing the petite powerhouse and Seulgi took the chance to update Reveluvs on her whereabouts.

Seulgi reported that Wendy was spending her time well, working hard each and every day. Wendy is said to attend rehabilitative exercise sessions, as well as goes to the practice rooms all the time to work on her singing. Doesn’t that sound just so like Wendy?

Wendy also contacts the members frequently and was always the first to tell Seulgi and Irene that she had watched their performances for “Monster” well and cheered them on.

Irene also promised fans that their next song after “Monster”, they will be continuing with their promotions for “Play” (Korean title “놀이”) and subsequently, an all-member comeback is in the works.

Isn’t that exciting news for Reveluvs? While we wait for their comeback as the undisputed summer queens, take a listen to I&S’s “Monster” below.

Source: Star News