Red Velvet Seulgi’s True Personality, According To A Lucky Fan Who Met Her

The fan noticed a sweet detail about how Seulgi treats her fans.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is a talented and fierce performer who, when off stage, is actually adorable and chaotic.


Fans have never doubted Seulgi’s amazing personality, but they continually receive confirmation about the idol’s kind heart. EXO‘s Suho recently praised Seulgi and Wendy for being “SM’s two angels.”

You are watching SM’s two angels. Seriously, they’re some of the nicest people I know.

— Suho

Seulgi and Wendy 

At the recent SMTWON LIVE 2022, Seulgi also went viral with aespa‘s Winter when Winter got separated from the rest of aespa.


Seulgi was able to help her labelmate by directing her to the rest of aespa.

Seulgi and Winter 

Recently, a Red Velvet fan’s TikTok went viral after the user told viewers about her lucky experience meeting Seulgi. In the video, the user explained, “Seulgi is the first idol [she’s] met that looks at your eyes when talking and not the camera.” This was evidenced by the fan’s videos where Seulgi was indeed looking at her fan and not the camera, proving that Seulgi is focused on genuine interactions with her fans.

| @imflovebeomgyu/TikTok 

The fan also captioned the now viral TikTok by explaining that Seulgi also “was so nice” and that she “took [her] gifts.

| @imflovebeomgyu/TikTok 

The fan also “got to tell her congrats on her upcoming solo,” which, from the recently released trailer, looks like it will continue to show off Seulgi’s powerful charisma.

You can watch the fan’s video here.


HOW TO MARRY KANG SEULGI? she was so nice and took my gifts and i got to tell her congrats on her upcoming solo etc🥲🥲🥲 #redvelvet #rv #seulgi #fyp

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