Red Velvet’s Wendy Speaks Up For The First Time About Her Dramatic Weight Changes

She revealed what she plans on doing for the future.

The Red Velvet members guest starred on the radio show, Cultwo Show, where guest-MC Hani from EXID mentioned how concerned she was over Wendy‘s dramatic weight changes.

“I was shocked when I saw Wendy during rehearsal because she lost so much weight.”

— Hani


Wendy explained that her weight fluctuates very easily. She expects she’ll be gaining weight again soon.

“My weight’s like a rubber band. I keep losing weight and gaining weight and back and forth, so I plan on gaining weight again.”

— Wendy


Wendy’s weight gained attention over the past few years and she seemed to gain weight and lose weight quickly.


Wendy explained that she wasn’t trying to lose weight on purpose. Her weight naturally came off because she worked hard for Red Velvet’s concert and “Power Up” comeback.

“I think I naturally lost weight because the concerts aligned right along with our comeback.”

— Wendy


No matter what weight she is, Wendy plans on staying healthy and happy!

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