Red Velvet’s Wendy Suggests Reducing Album Versions For A Touching Reason

She even stopped fans from buying her album.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy suggested reducing album versions recently, instructing fans to spend less on CDs. This sparked praise for her thoughtfulness and consideration toward fans. Normally, albums come in various versions. While Red Velvet’s albums mostly only have two types, other groups span over 4 and more versions.

In a recent Dear. U Bubble conversation with fans, Wendy came across a sweet reply from a fan.

I will work hard and earn money so I can go to unnie’s concert and buy your albums!

— Fan

Wendy had the sweetest reply as she told fans not to buy multiple albums even if they come to support the girls at a concert. While concerts are an experience that fans can bask in as well, albums are often bought in bulk as a way to show support for the artist.

Bubble message from Wendy. | via Nate Pann

I don’t know about concerts but please don’t buy multiple albums… One album is already soooo enough. I hope you can use the money to take care of your health or eat delicious things with your family or if you’re living alone, buy something tasty for yourself, even if it’s just one meal, as you have worked hard the whole day. Earn money to eat delicious food and well, I’m not too sure about [spending it on] pretty clothes but now as the weather is getting colder, buy a down jacket… and if you’re sick visit the hospital…?? That’s my wish. Recently.. everyone seems to be too caught up in how many albums are sold but I don’t know what’s so important about that. It’s already so [amazing] that there’s people listening to your music and cheering you on. Use the money to buy something really delicious to eat and warm clothes to wear. Please. Since everyone is buying albums like this… I think that’s why albums have different versions… Please don’t buy them…

— Wendy

Wendy even suggested that Red Velvet should only have one version of their next album.

Bubble message from Wendy. | via Nate Pann

Who knows, maybe only one version will come out [next time] hehehehe. If versions are reduced to just one, then I’ll suggest to reduce photo cards to only one version too. I don’t know if they’ll agree to it but I’m going to try suggesting it first.

— Wendy

In an era where the success of an idol is frequently measured by how many albums they sell, Wendy’s consideration toward fans is so rare!

Source: Nate Pann

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