Red Velvet’s Wendy Goes Viral For Her Abs During Their “R To V” Concert

She took crop top fashion to the next level with her six-pack of steel!

Red Velvet fans are having the time of their lives as the girl group’s “4th Concert : R to V” kicked off the world tour on April 1.

Red Velvet’s “4th Concert : R to V” Poster | @RVsmtown/Twitter

And on the opening night of the Seoul leg, member Wendy stole hearts with not only her beloved vocal skills…

Red Velvet’s Wendy during the concert | @LuckyBlue_0221/Twitter

…but also her solid six-pack on full display!

| @kingwinter0101/Twitter

During performances like “Russian Roulette,” ‘Bing Bing,” and more, Wendy rocked a crop top highlighting her slim-but-strong figure.

Wendy’s “Bing Bing” is f*cking insane.

— @imelonyou/Twitter

Even as she twisted and twirled around on stage, her abs of steel glowed under the spotlight!

Irene and Wendy looked so happy during ‘Russian Roulette’…

— @0l0080l022l/Twitter

Soon, clips from the concert took Twitter by storm…

| theqoo

[Trending in Korea] Wendy Abs
[Trending in Korea] Red Velvet
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[Trending in Korea] You Better Know

— Twitter Trends

…with K-Pop fans going wild for the member’s unbelievable “warrior” physique!

| theqoo
  • “She looks like such a softie, though. She has such a small frame. I’m shook at her abs. For real.”
  • “Wooow, LOL. That looks amazing.”
  • “Whoa…”
  • “Wow, a six-pack! T-T”
  • Daebak. She looks like an angel but has the bod of a warrior…”
  • “She must work out a lot! Seungwan, YOU’RE SO COOL! So impressive.”
  • “Her abs are amazing, true. But so are her shoulders and her arms.”
  • “Can you get abs from doing pilates?! Daebak.”
  • “Wow… Daebak.
  • “Whoa… This duality is giving me whiplash.”
  • “WOWZA.”
  • “What the f*ck?! LMAO. She has the face of an angel, but the body of a lumberjack. Does she like working out a lot?”

Wendy is not the only member to have gone viral from the “4th Concert : R to V.” Check out Irene’s equally unbelievable visual prowess here!

10 Unedited Moments From “R to V” That Show Red Velvet Irene’s Unbelievable Visual Prowess

Source: theqoo

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