Being A Part Of Red Velvet Has Taught Wendy So Much—Here’s What She’s Learnt In The Last 7 Years

She’s sharing all that she’s learnt in the last 7 years as a part of Red Velvet!

In August 2021, Red Velvet celebrated their 7th year together as a girl group, and now that they’re of veteran status, Wendy revealed all that she’s learned as an idol with 7 years of experience!

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Red Velvet recently made their comeback after almost 2 years, and sat down with Billboard to talk about themselves and their new comeback in 20 questions!

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One of the questions the group were asked was:

You recently celebrated your seventh anniversary as a group. What’s been the biggest lesson being part of Red Velvet has taught you?

Wendy answered this question, and she named three things she learnt the most-first, to make every moment count, and second, to always do her best to do more!

Two big lessons I learned are to make every moment count and to never fail to try more. I always try my best whether I am working with my team members onstage or singing as a solo artist.

I am also never afraid of trying different musical styles and expanding my abilities as an artist. I would say these lessons helped us stay strong as a group over the last seven years.


Wendy from her solo debut song, “Like Water” | SM Entertainment

And finally, the third and biggest lesson that Wendy has learnt as part of Red Velvet, is that the love and support of Reveluvs [Red Velvet’s fandom] are very essential to the group’s happiness!

Lastly, the biggest lesson I learned through this entire process is that Red Velvet can’t be where we are now without the continuous love and support of our fans, ReVeluv.



Here’s to many more years of Red Velvet!

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Red Velvet made their comeback with the album Queendom, and a title track of the same name. Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Billboard

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