Red Velvet’s Wendy Is Still Recovering From Her Accident — So She Made It Up To Her Members For Her Absence

Wendy’s an angel.

Red Velvet is starring in a new variety show called BU:QUEST, which shows the members visiting all sorts of new places and completing missions.


On the show, the members visited a cafe and a theme park and even rested at their dorm, where they chatted about various topics and played games.

But due to the fall accident that Wendy suffered last year during rehearsals for SBS‘s Gayodaejeon, she is still recovering from her many injuries, making her unable to participate in any of Red Velvet’s activities.

As such, she expressed her regret of not being able to attend by giving her fellow members with a sweet letter and gifts.

In the letter, Wendy apologized for not being there and shared how she wanted to make it up to them.

Members! I’m sorry I couldn’t join you for your BU:QUEST trip. Have fun, and think about me when you can. Since I can’t attend, I’ll compensate with snacks. Remember me while you eat it! (You can’t eat it if you don’t think about me). Thank you always, and I love you.

— Wendy

Along with the letter, Wendy went over an adorable stuffed bear as well as a lunch box that looks too beautiful to eat.

The members were touched by this gesture, and Irene even took a photo of it and expressed how touched she felt.

Wendy might still be recovering, but she’s still in everyone’s hearts until her return!

Here’s to wishing Wendy a full recovery!

Source: Insight

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