Netizens React To Fan Casting Of Red Velvet’s Yeri For Remake Of “Goong”

Who will be cast?

Red Velvet’s Yeri has developed her career as an actress alongside her career as an idol singer. She has starred in various works such as Bitch X Rich and Blue Birthday.

Yeri in Bitch X Rich.

Having received acclaim and praise for her acting skills, the star has recently been at the top of the list for fan casting for the remake of Goong.

Goong or Princess Hours tells the tale of a poor student who gets entangled in an arranged marriage to the Crown Prince of South Korea. The bumbling girl struggles to adapt to palace life and the cold prince, but soon wins everyone over.

Poster for original show.

Yeri once wore a costume for the female lead of the show for SM Entertainment’s annual Halloween party. It convinced netizens and fans that she would be perfect for the role.

As the bubbly and lovable maknae of the group, many feel that her outgoing personality and cheerful traits make her suitable for the role.

Netizen comments. | Instiz
  • Please cast the baby princess, please.
  • Oh, I never considered her, but it sounds good.
  • She would suit the bright image the character has.
  • Oh, does she act well?
  • Yeri does look like her name would be Shin Chae Kyung in these pictures.

The remake has been in talks for years but has yet to come to fruition. As talks of the reboot refresh themselves in 2024, many look forward to the casting.

Source: Instiz

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