Red Velvet’s Yeri Reveals She’s “Scared” To Go Live On Instagram Because Of Sasaengs

Fans are calling on her agency to take legal action.

Stalker fans, also known as sasaengs, have always been a problem in K-Pop. This year, however, more and more idols seem to be suffering at their hands. Take Red Velvet‘s Yeri, for example, who recently revealed her fear of sasaeng fans.

Yeri is known for her outgoing personality, both with friends and with fans. The 21-year-old singer loves to interact with ReVeluvs whenever she can, particularly on social media. In the past, she regularly held live broadcasts on Instagram to chat with everyone who follows her.

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Recently, however, things have taken a worrisome turn. While talking with ReVeluvs on the Dear U messaging platform last night, Yeri expressed her wish to hold a Q&A for fans. However, the starlet confessed that she’s “scared” to go live on Instagram because sasaeng fans always call her.

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I don’t think I can do Instagram lives anymore because I’m scared of calls coming in.

— Yeri

Sure enough, back in June this year, Yeri told fans on live broadcast that things were becoming difficult because sasaengs keep calling and messaging her, even in the middle of the night.

According to one former idol, sasaengs acquire idol’s phone numbers by befriending or manipulating people who work at telecommunications companies. It seems like Yeri is yet another star who has fallen victim to these disturbing practices.

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Despite her hesitations, Yeri did attempt to talk to fans on Instagram last night. However, within just a few minutes, the singer was already being bombarded with calls and messages. The live broadcast soon cut short, and Yeri returned to Dear U to lament the situation.

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ㅜㅜ [crying emoticon] I don’t think I can do live…

— Yeri

Determined to keep showing love to her fans, Yeri decided to open a text-based Q&A on Instagram instead. However, while ReVeluvs are grateful that Yeri did her best to keep communicating, they’re understandably upset and angry that the situation has come to this.

Fans are calling on SM Entertainment to do a better job of protecting its artists from stalkers. After all, Yeri isn’t the only one affected. Fellow Red Velvet members Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy have also had their broadcasts interrupted by calls from sasaengs.

And things got even more scary for NCT 127 and NCT Dream this year. Both groups recently revealed that sasaengs camp in front of their dorms for a chance to see them.

Netizens Share How Bad It Gets With Sasaengs Camping Out In Front Of NCT’s Dorms

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