Reporter Claims To Know The Real Reason Behind Lovelyz’s Unsuccessful Contract Negotiations

According to him, there were many issues.

Just a day ago, it was reported that 7 out of the 8 members of Lovelyz would not be renewing their contracts with Woollim Entertainment, leaving the future of the girl group in the air. While the official statement released by the agency didn’t specifically use the term “disbandment,” the future of the girl group remained grim.

In regards to the ongoing speculations about the girl group’s future, it seems that one reporter has started to tackle the rumors head on with his reasoning behind Lovelyz’s “disbandment.”

Lovelyz | Woollim Entertainment

Reporter Lee Jin Ho, famously known for his gossip YouTube channel, recently uploaded a video titled, The Real Reason Behind Lovelyz’s Disbandment. While these types of gossip-related YouTube videos are usually taken with a grain of salt, Lee Jin Ho recently made several claims that turned out to be true.

He was the first reporter to claim that Actor K, who was involved in a force abortion and gaslighting scandal, was Kim Seon Ho. Lee Jin Ho also correctly unveiled the truth behind Choi Sung Bong‘s false cancer diagnoses.

Still from reporter Lee Jin Ho’s video about Choi Sung Bong’s false cancer diagnoses | @연예 뒤통령이진호/YouTube

In his recently uploaded Lovelyz video, the reporter made claims that he knew the real reason behind their alleged disbandment. He shared that the girl group members and Woollim Entertainment have been “in contract renewal discussions for a long time.” 

He also shared that in the beginning of the contract negotiation conversations, “some members were wanting to leave the agency, while others wanted to remain. Even if the group was unable to remain in full as 8 members, there was a high chance for Lovelyz to remain as a group.”

Reporter Lee Jin Ho talking about Lovelyz’s disbandment | @연예 뒤통령이진호/YouTube

According to Lee Jin Ho, after the negotiation conversations continued, the ultimate deciding factor behind Lovelyz’s unsuccessful contract negotiations came down to “their last album.”

| @연예 뒤통령이진호/YouTube

The members who were wanting to leave the agency wanted to release one final album in an effort to end the group’s activities in a beautiful farewell. However, in the midst of finalizing the last album, opinions started to divide.

This resulted in the disagreement between Woollim Entertainment’s CEO and Lovelyz members. Because of this issue, even the members who were willing to remain in the agency decided to leave due to their changing hearts.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho

The reporter continued by revealing that while this was the conclusion that was made by 7 of the 8 members of the girl group, Lovelyz members have always been fond of their team.

| @연예 뒤통령이진호/YouTube

The Lovelyz members have always had a strong affection for their team. However, there were two issues. The first being the conflict that they had with their CEO. The second was the differing opinions of each member on the future of the group.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho

| Woollim Entertainment

Lee Jin Ho concluded his video by sharing his honest thoughts on Lovelyz’s parting ways, as he expressed his sadness for the girl group.

It’s a sad case because they were in charge of the pure and innocent concept as a girl group. It’s especially sad given that Mijoo has just started to see a breakthrough in her variety program abilities. The fact that she just began to get positive momentum, but they decided to disband is unfortunate.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho

Lovelyz’s member Mijoo on “Sixth Sense” | tvN

Lovelyz made their debut back in 2014 with “Candy Jelly Love,” making their mark in the K-Pop industry with their innocent charms. Unlike other girl groups who also started with a cute-theme, Lovelyz kept their aesthetic consistent, as they maintained their adorable image throughout their 7 year career.

| Woollim Entertainment

However, like the dozens of other groups before them, it seems that Lovelyz was unable to overcome the infamous “7 year curse” known within the K-Pop industry. While a disbandment was never mentioned in Woollim Entertainment’s official statement, the departure of 7 out of the 8 members from the agency has led to that conclusion.

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