Reports About “Kidnapped” Saudi Arabian Stray Kids Fans Revealed To Be Fake

Here’s what actually happened.

Previously, several Saudi Arabian STAYs (fans of boy group Stray Kids) were said to have gone missing following a postponed concert.

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On January 14, Stray Kids was scheduled to perform in the Riyadh Season, Saudi Arabia’s largest music festival, when it was cancelled due to inclement weather. Unfortunately, fans had already gathered at the stadium and were suddenly faced with transportation issues.

Reports began circulating on Twitter that “dangerous” and “unknown” men were kidnapping girls in the venue.

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Upon hearing the news, international fans of various fandoms poured in their support, sharing tips and resources to help those missing. Several Twitter Spaces were also created to communicate with those who were lost or in need of assistance.

Hours later, Saudi Arabian fans who returned from the venue revealed that—unlike what was spreading online—the actual situation was “calm and safe.” Videos showed that police were helping and protecting fans.

Buses organized by STAYs helped many girls reach home safely. Ultimately, they insisted that the situation was much different than what was portrayed on Twitter.

A Saudi Arabian news site confirmed that it was not true that fans were kidnapped. They stated that those who continue to spread the rumors will be prosecuted.

There is no truth to what was circulated on social media about cases of harassment that took place at a concert that was postponed before it started in Riyadh due to circumstances beyond our control, and anyone who spreads these rumors that reduce the efforts of the security forces will be subject to prosecution and legal accountability.

— The Saudi Post

Several fans who were said to have been missing were found safely, did not actually exist, or faked their situation.

The confusion that ensued after the concert was cancelled was what appeared to have caused people to believe their loved ones were missing. Thankfully, all fans made it home safe and sound.

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