#STAYS Trends On Twitter As Saudi Arabian Stray Kids Fans Reportedly Go Missing After A Postponed Concert

K-Pop Twitter has banded together to help with the ongoing situation.

Claims of Stray Kids’ fans being kidnapped have been subsequently revealed to be false.

Concerning news about the upcoming Stray Kids concert in Saudi Arabia has started to take over Twitter regarding the boy group’s fans.

On January 14, Stray Kids was scheduled to perform in the Riyadh Season, Saudi Arabia’s largest music festival. The concert, however, was postponed due to inclement weather—and it was postponed after all of Stray Kids’ fans had already filled up the stadium.

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According to a STAY (Stray Kids fans) online discussion forum, it was following the postponement of the concert that dozens of fans began to go missing due to random kidnappings.

Because many of the fans flew to Riyadh specifically for the concert, they were met with “transportation” issues after the concert had been postponed. As these fans tried to figure out their suddenly changed circumstances, it was reported that many of the STAYs went “missing.”

Photo of an update regarding the ongoing situation, as found on Twitter | Twitter

Dozens of tweets have started to make their rounds online, providing information to the Twitter world, describing the different missing people in question. Information about their gender, age, clothing, and other important details were shared in numerous different tweets.

Due to the severity of the situation, Twitter users all over the internet began to do what they could in an effort to help out. Many offered their assistance in the form of tangible information, whether it be what hotels Stray Kids fans could seek refuge in…

…or cafes…

…or stores that the fans should not go to for safety reasons.

Others warned STAYs to keep strangers at a distance, even if they were women.

As everyone online poured in their help to do what they could, other fandoms began to speak up on the matter by requesting their fellow fans to band together. BLACKPINK fans…

BLACKPINK fans helping bring awareness.

ATEEZ fans…

ATEEZ fans bringing awareness.


TREASURE fans bringing awareness.

BTS fans…

BTS fans bringing awareness.

EXO fans and more began to spread information about the ongoing situation.

EXO fans bringing awareness.

Several grueling hours after the horrifying situation began, however, it seemed to calm down as new updates pertaining to the safety of most of the missing fans started to pop up online. According to different Twitter users, the police…

…as well as the Stray Kids team have started to lend a hand to try to get to the bottom of the situation.

While the situation is slowly simmering down, some fans are reportedly still missing as their friends and family continue to seek help. Stay tuned for further updates.

Source: Reddit

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