Netizens Are Amazed At RIIZE Anton’s Cello Performance At “2023 MAMA Awards”

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The 2023 MAMA Awards was a special moment for RIIZE and their fans. Anton participate in a special performance by Yoshiki of the classical piece, “Endless Rain.” In a collaboration with the pianist, Anton played the cello beautifully.

The cello is a specialty of his. His professional energy could be felt from the heartfelt performance.

Anton is no stranger to the cello. He has been playing it as part of his school’s orchestra pre-debut.

Fans didn’t expect to be treated to the star’s cello performance so soon. The singer worked really hard to practice for the performance. The other members showered him with praise.

They were so proud of him! Sungchan, Shotaro, and Eunseok looked enthralled.

Who could blame them? He looked godly on stage.

We’d fall in love with him too.

The video of him playing the cello soon reached over 1.1 million views on Twitter. Fans are amazed at his talents.

He truly can do everything and anything.

Fans are hoping for a collaboration with ZEROBASEONE’s Zhang Hao, who is known to excel in the violin.

His hard work and dedication to his various talents even pre-debut will remain something that fans can always look up to.