RIIZE’s Anton Has Not Even Debuted Yet, But Netizens Already Love Him

The golden child.

SM Entertainment previously launched their upcoming boy group to the public. They introduced the seven members through Instagram.

SM Entertainment Finally Unveils All Seven Members Of Their New Boy Group, RIIZE

Amongst the members, Anton has already been gaining attention for his visuals. Even pre-debut, when he was rumoured to be joining the group, fans already were fawning over his good looks. To top it off, his background makes him even more of a “golden child!

Anton. | @riize_official/Instagram

Born to a famous producer Yoon Sang and actress Shim Hye Jin, looks and talent are already in his veins. He also was born in Boston, before moving to New Jersey. This means he’s bilingual! He also played the cello, and swam.

Just when you think he couldn’t get any more perfect, Anton also produces music for the group.

Anton. | @riize_official/Instagram

His angelic smile is already sweeping up the fans.

Netizens are already eating it all up. They’ve fallen for the boy, even though he has yet to debut.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Sigh, he’s handsome.
  • When he smiles, his lip corners are like his mom’s.
  • I can’t believe he’s good at writing songs with that face.
  • He’s super tall, but he looks innocent. His smile is pretty.
  • Can’t believe Yoon Sang’s son is a songwriting member. It’ll be insane if he inherited Yoon Sang’s touch.
  • He’s a mix of Taemin, Renjun, and Jeno. He looks so harmless.
  • He’s the stuff of heart-flutters.
  • Innocent.

With the very visuals that Korean netizens love, and a packed background, plus talent to boot, he’s surely the 5th generation idol to watch out for.

Source: Theqoo