7 Times Legendary Sunbae Lee Hyori Almost Made The RIIZE Members Cry On Her show

We know they had a mental breakdown on the inside.

RIIZE recently appeared on Lee Hyori’s new talk show, Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet. Lee Hyori debuted in 1998 as part of the girl group Fin.K.L before moving on to become one of South Korea’s greatest solo singers. Having debuted before all of the RIIZE members were even born, she’s a huge sunbae to them. No wonder they weren’t able to function in front of her! Check out 7 funny moments from the show where she made them nervous.

1. When Sungchan accidentally spoke informally

Most younger idols have to call their seniors “sunbaenim,” no matter the time and place. As Sungchan was reading out the show’s name, he accidentally left out the “sunbaenim” as it wasn’t in the title! Lee Hyori immediately latched on and asked if he was speaking informally to her. Check out the group’s nervous giggles at the joke!

2. Sohee the cutie patootie

He was so nervous from having to sit next to her that he kept glancing over at Lee Hyori. While she was casually talking, he could only stare at her politely.

3. She’s their parents’ age

Lee Hyori joked that she was around the age of RIIZE’s parents. Although she’s probably a good ten to fifteen years younger than their parents, she good-naturedly acknowledged her age in front of the members. In such a situation, people would normally politely reply that the other party looks younger than they are. In RIIZE’s case, they were too nervous to pay her a compliment!

  • Lee Hyori: I’m around your mom’s age.
  • Sohee: Ah…!
  • Lee Hyori: Can you say something like, “you look younger than my mom?”

4. Accidentally exposing the company

When asked about their social media, Shotaro accidentally revealed that their company helps run it.

  • Lee Hyori: Who runs your Instagrams? Your company?
  • Shotaro: Our company’s contents team.
  • Sungchan: No, we run it together!
  • Lee Hyori: Ah, with the members? After discussing?
  • Shotaro: Yes, we run it together, and give our opinions.

5. Pop quiz

Lee Hyori asked Wonbin if he knew her girl group, Fin.K.L. The group debuted a few years before he was born, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he didn’t know them. He went along with it, but was thrown a curveball when Lee Hyori quizzed him on the number of members.

  • Lee Hyori: Wonbin, do you know Fin.K.L?
  • Wonbin: I do.
  • Lee Hyori: How many members are there?
  • Wonbin: …4?
  • Lee Hyori: 4?
  • Wonbin: 4.
  • Lee Hyori: He keeps looking into my eyes as if hoping for the answer. 4 is right.

6. Not the hesitation

The boys sang SHINee’s “Replay.” The Korean title directly translates to “Noona is so pretty,” a perfect song to sing for Lee Hyori! Lee Hyori joked that the boys probably didn’t mean it when they sang it. Sungchan immediately protested, but got called out for his hesitation.

  • Lee Hyori: I know you guys didn’t mean it, but I’m happy.
  • Sungchan: It- uh…we were sincere about it!
  • Lee Hyori: Why did you stammer?

7. Anton’s staring

Lee Hyori noticed that Anton kept staring at her throughout the talk. She joked that it felt like Yoon Sang was staring at her! Anton looks very similar to his producer dad, Yoon Sang. Anton explained that he was waiting for the right time to jump into the talk.

Lee Hyori is one of South Korea’s most-loved soloists! No wonder the boys were so nervous in front of her.