A Video Of RIIZE’s Seunghan Allegedly Smoking Goes Viral

This is not the first time video of Seunghan has been leaked.

A video of someone alleged to be RIIZE‘s Seunghan holding a cigarette and smoking was recently posted online.

RIIZE’s Seunghan

RIIZE debuted earlier this year as SM Entertainment‘s first group outside the NCT system. Before their first release, the group dealt with numerous controversies involving some members’ pre-debut actions.

RIIZE | SM Entertainment

This has continued post-debut, with multiple clips of member Seunghan being spread online, including the latest allegedly depicting him smoking.

On November 17, an anonymous Twitter account shared a clip of Seunghan on their timeline. In the clip, a person believed to be Seunghan is shown holding a lit cigarette while walking outside and holding it up to his mouth.

The same user shared a photo of a person, also believed to be Seunghan, holding a cigarette in his mouth while wearing sunglasses.

| @loveuneelove/Twitter

Just one day before this video was spread, a private conversation between Soobin and Seunghan was circulated online, leading to allegations of disrespect towards LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae.

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This would mark at least the fourth instance of someone leaking content about Seunghan since his debut.  Fans have expressed their concerns that he is being targeted by someone close to him and continue to believe this with this newest leak.