“He Really Gotta Filter His Friends” — RIIZE’s Seunghan Caught Going On Instagram Live With Alleged Girlfriend

Fans are not happy.

RIIZE’s Seunghan previously had his pre-debut life exposedy when photos of him and his alleged girlfriend kissing were released.

| Nate Pann

One photo also received specific hate for having been taken allegedly in a motel.

| Nate Pann

Netizens were half happy for him, while the other half condemned him for not being careful in spite of his status as an idol trainee back then.

It seems like the star can never catch a break. On October 10, 2023, an online community post shared a screenshot of a KakaoTalk chat room. The chat room was a fan group chat for Seunghan. Anyone can enter the chat room using an anonymous nickname. An anonymous tip-off shared that Seunghan had still allegedly been doing Instagram lives with his alleged girlfriend.

Screenshot shared in chat room. | Nate Pann

A user nicknamed “Nang Nang” shared a screenshot of Seunghan on a three-way live stream, along with the message “They said he still secretly did Instagram Live with his girlfriend even after debut.” The live stream was likely done with his private account as he would not have used the group’s official account. What’s more is that there were only four people tuned in to the live stream, making it likely that it was a private affair, attended by only the three’s close friends.

Fans began to wonder about the quality of his friends and who betrayed him. After all, the one who took the screenshot had to be one of the four viewers, or the other two participants in the live stream.

F*ck. In the midst of it all, there were only four people who joined the live stream, so it’s f*cking funny how he got exposed in spite of that. Seunghan-ah, seems like you have to filter your friends.

— @iampinkblood

Netizens are also not so quick to forgive. After all, the previous incident left them scarred.

  • He’s like this because if he cries and squeezes out tears again, people will probably start coddling him again.
  • After debut? LOL. FR, there’s no end to things after something gets exposed once.
  • He needs to start filtering his friends first.
  • After the motel thing got exposed, seeing these, it’s nothing. If the orders were reversed, the response would’ve been explosive.

SM Entertainment has yet to speak up on the matter.

Source: Nate Pann