“River Where The Moon Rises” Lee Ji Hoon Reveals Kim So Hyun’s Kind Personality

He reveals how she’s like on set.

It seems as if everyone truly adores River Where The Moon Rises‘ actress, Kim So Hyun! Fellow cast member, Lee Ji Hoon, who plays the second male lead in the drama showered her praise during an interview.

Lee Ji Hoon shared that he already had a good impression of Kim So Hyun even before filming.

I watched Love Alarm and Kim So Hyun was so pretty and looked so nice that I went into filming thinking that she would be really kind.

— Lee Ji Hoon

| @88leejihoon/Instagram

He was also blown away by her acting skills despite her young age. He felt that his own acting improved while working together with her, and that her bright personality was able to liven up the set.

Sohyun would have had it the toughest as she had to refilm all the scenes. Despite that, she was always smiling and positive. It made me want to take care of her. As a colleague, it put my mind at ease. I even texted her that acting with her puts my mind at rest and I asked her to lead the set well until the end. She’s bright and kind. I think she’s an actress that will go far. She’s mature beyond her years.

— Lee Ji Hoon

Well, she certainly deserves all the praise! Kim So Hyun had to refilm all her scenes for the drama, despite it being near completion. This was as the original male lead, Ji Soo, had dropped out. Kudos to her for being so professional!

Source: Korea Daily