A Rookie K-Pop Girl Group Goes Viral For Their Impressive Live Vocals, Earning Praise From Netizens

Netizens hope more idols will follow suit.

Debuting as a K-Pop group from a lesser-known company can be a challenging task in a highly competitive market. The K-Pop industry is dominated by a few large entertainment companies, such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and HYBE Labels, which have established a strong foothold in the market and have the resources to promote and market their groups effectively.

Source Music’s (a subsidiary of HYBE Labels) LE SSERAFIM’s impressive comeback teaser 

Groups from lesser-known companies can face difficulty in gaining recognition and a fanbase due to a lack of resources and exposure that larger companies have. They may struggle to secure performances on music shows and other high-profile events and may have a harder time getting their music distributed and promoted.

DPR Ian, who was formerly promoted as Rome, the leader, rapper, and dancer of the disbanded K-Pop group C-CLOWN, shared that about 50 lesser-known K-Pop groups used to crowd in the same room at music shows for a chance to be picked to appear on that week’s broadcast.

FIESTAR and C-CLOWN on “Show Champion” in 2014

With the rise of digital platforms, smaller companies have found it easier to promote their groups, and social media has created a chance for unknown groups to gain popularity. Using YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms have been a powerful tool for lesser-known companies to promote their groups and gain a fanbase.

Sometimes this tool has been used unintentionally to garner attention, which was the case for the recent rookie group PRIMROSE.

PRIMROSE’s Ruby (left) and Yeum (right) | @primrose_0fficial/Instagram

PRIMROSE is a two-member group from AO Entertainment that debuted on January 13. The two members, Ruby and Yeum, trained for three years and have dreams of becoming a well-known group.

Their dream may be quickly coming true through their impressive talent as their recent M Countdown performance went viral as the members delivered live vocals without a backing track.

A tweet of their performance quickly gained over 10,000 likes and over 107,000 views in two days.

Netizens praised their stable live vocals, impressed with the group’s strong debut. While complimenting the duo, many expressed their hope that more K-Pop groups will follow suit and deliver performances with less lip-synching.

The group’s success at garnering attention for their skills seems to prove JYP Entertainment‘s founder J.Y. Park‘s recipe for success.

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