The Rose’s Woosung Releases Digital Album “GENRE” With No Plans Of A Physical One, And Here’s The Heartwarming Reason Why

He’s the epitome of a great leader ❤️

The Rose‘s lead vocalist and leader, Woosung has just dropped his first ever full-length solo album titled GENRE under his own label Woolfpack after The Rose successfully terminated their contract with J& Star Company.

| @therose_0803/Twitter

While the group gained more attention back in 2019 after their appearance on JTBC‘s Superband, The Rose’s last album release was in 2018 with Dawn. Given all the legal hoops the group had to jump through, it’s not a complete surprise that they’ve been otherwise preoccupied.

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That hasn’t stopped Woosung from releasing his own music though! Dropping an ’80s style pop song “Dimples” and solo single “Lazy” earlier this year, Woosung’s been busy.

His first full length album GENRE is a digital release with no physical album. The reasoning? Woosung believes the first physical album for BLACK ROSEs (official fandom name) should be one by The Rose. 🥺

GENRE includes songs “Dimples” and “Lazy” which were released earlier this year, Woosung’s full length album also includes five new songs with features from other artists like KARD‘s BM and LADIES’ CODE‘s Ashley Choi (who also co-hosts a podcast on Eric Nam‘s DIVE Studios).

I am so excited to finally release GENRE. I wrote these songs a couple of years back, so I almost feel biased towards them now, having listened to them so many times,

—Woosung, NME

It’s clear that Woosung worked really hard on his first full length album, as he put a lot of thought behind the creative direction. While writing 6 out of the 7 new tracks, Woosung also dropped “Brainwave Visualizers” as a colorful visual accompaniment to each of his songs.

They were made by Creative Directors Annie Stoll, Dyan Jong and electroencephalogram (EEG) artist Bora Aydıntuğ who captured Woosung’s brainwaves as he listened to each of his songs from GENRE. How cool is that!

We’re sure his fans are going to love the album! Make sure to check out more of his music with the Brainwave Visualizers below.

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