BTS Reveals The Two Members Who Shower The Least

Once a week is sufficient for them!

The BTS members just revealed some juicy info on the latest episode of Run BTS!, and the results might surprise you!

In a game, all of the members answer a question while two “liar” members try to blend in and answer blindly (without knowing what the question actually is). The results were as follows: Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga shower more than once a week. Meanwhile, RM, Jin, V, and J-Hope were the culprits who said once a week is enough!

As soon as this was revealed, all of the members knew J-Hope was lying since he showers often!

That person who showers twice a day is lying!

— Jimin

With that, their immediate choice for the first liar was correct. Next, the members had to decide which remaining person out of RM, V, and Jin was the other liar.

Each person pleaded their case. Jin tried to save his own image, but the members knew better — He’s telling the truth!

V also chose once a week…

…which felt believable to the others who see him looking like a true homebody in the videos he sends the members.

Lastly, RM tried to plead his case…

…but since RM likes to be active, nobody believed him!

Turning out to be a liar, RM actually loves showering often.

I take a shower at least three times a day.

— RM

In the end, V and Jin were the members who said showering once a week is enough. However, as Suga pointed out, the word “enough” can have different meanings, so take their choices with a grain of salt!

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