“Running Man” Producers And Lee Kwang Soo’s Agency Post Messages To Thank Him For The Past 11 Years

You did well, Kwang Soo.

With Lee Kwang Soo’s last episode for SBS’s Running Man airing on June 13 at 6 PM KST, producers of the show expressed their gratitude for the past 11 years.

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Kwang Soo, who always did his best and was alwayssincere. During the wing working penalty, I will never forget what you said to me.

Kwang Soo: Hyung, is the height the airplane is flying the normal height?’

Chulmin: Nope, we lowered it because it might be too scary.

Kwang Soo: Raise it up to the highest possible. The viewers might find it boring if it’s not fun.

Chulmin: Are you sure about this?

Kwang Soo: Yes.

He always thought about the program and his career rather than himself and showed such professionalism. Although he is younger than me, I have always had such respect for him. My lovely younger brother Kwang Soo. Kwang Soo, you did well. Kwang Soo, I know you will be able to do anything that comes at you because you have always worked hard. I hope that only happy things are ahead for you.

— Chulmin PD

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In my memory, Kwang Soo has never said ‘No’ to the staff. Even when his pinky toe was broken during the name tag game, even when he was sick with the cold and got hit with water during the winter. Whenever I was editing, I always thought he was such a crazy funny guy and that comedians all over the world would be shook if they saw it. Although he was a strange one to enter the entertainment world, he is my special brother and good friend. You were great these past years. Lastly, I want to say this to everyone. Kwang Soo is not a dummy….or is he? Even if he is, he isn’t that much of a dummy…or is he?

— Hwanjin PD

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Thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch Lee Kwang Soo on SBS’s Running Man every Sunday for the past 11 years. We thank you all again for all the love and support and we hope that you will tune in for his last broadcast on June 13, Sunday at 5 PM KST.

— KingKong by Starship Entertainment

We will miss you Kwang Soo!

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