Ryan Reynolds Hinted That He’s a BTS Jungkook Fan

Even global stars can’t resist Jungkook’s charm!

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds recently hinted that he is a fan of BTS‘s Jungkook through a Twitter post that he “liked”.

On May 7, Ryan Reynolds “liked” one of BTS’s Tweets uploaded by Jungkook.


The post he liked was a video of Jungkook working hard at the gym lifting weights.


This was not the first time Ryan Reynolds showed his interest and love of K-Pop through social media. He also previously shared the fun photoshoot he did with HyunA on his Instagram in the past.


Meanwhile, Jungkook’s popularity among international stars has been rapidly increasing with fans still hyped up about his recent interaction with Ariana Grande.


Jungkook is now even on Ariana Grande’s phone lock screen!

It seems that Jungkook’s charm is simply irresistible, even to stars from around the world!

Source: Dispatch