Ryu Sujeong Opens Up About The Possibility Of A Lovelyz Reunion

She gives an update on the 3rd-gen girl group.

Beloved third-generation K-Pop group, Lovelyz, went on an indefinite hiatus in 2021 after seven of the group’s eight members left their company Woollim Entertainment after their seven-year contract expired.


Since then, the former members have focused on their individual activities, and recently, Ryu Sujeong made her solo comeback with her first full-length album, Archive of Emotions.

After leaving Woollim Entertainment, Ryu Sujeong founded her own label, House of Dreams, in September 2022.

Ryu Sujeong | @iloveryu._/Instagram

To promote her new album, she was interviewed about her creative process, her new album, and what the Lovelyz members are up to now.

The members thrilled fans when they reunited for their eighth anniversary in November 2022, giving Lovelinus (Lovelyz fans) hope that the group will release projects together in the future.

Lovelyz reunited in November 2022 | Naver Now

Ryu Sujeong shared that although they’re all focused on their own activities, they’re still cheering each other on and giving their feedback on each other’s projects.

Their close relationship has given Ryu Sujeong thoughts of reuniting with her fellow members on stage one day.

The members and I talk a lot. We say things like ‘Let’s release an album together,’ ‘Let’s have a concert together,’ and ‘It would be fun to make a unit,’ but since we have all dispersed to do what we want to do individually, I feel like we should do it properly.

— Ryu Sujeong

| @iloveryu._/Instagram

Although the members talk about their desire to work together again one day, they’ve dedicated this time to their solo projects.

We all have many things we want to do individually, and since we have already made up our minds to do them, we have a strong desire to focus on solo activities.

— Ryu Sujeong

Ryu Sujeong reassured fans by concluding that should all of the members still want to work together in the future, it would be great to reunite.

However, if our hearts are all in sync later on, I think it would be great to do a project together.

— Ryu Sujeong

Check out their 2022 reunion in the video below!

Source: Newsen


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