SALT Entertainment Releases Updated Statement About Kim Seon Ho’s Exclusive Contract

They shared an update on his contract.

SALT Entertainment has released an updated statement regarding Kim Seon Ho‘s contract length, sharing that he still has one year left.

In an exclusive statement to K Star News, SALT Entertainment shared a statement saying that Kim Seon Ho has one year left on his contract and they will stay with him until the end.

The reports that said Kim Seon Ho’s contract expired in September is not true at all. Normally, negotiations about contract renewals begin three months prior to the end of the contract, but now is not the time for us to hold these negotiations as there is still one year left on the contract.

We will work with him right until the end of the contract.

— SALT Entertainment

Earlier, it was reported that Kim Seon Ho’s contract was supposed to end in September, but there was a short extension. SALT Entertainment previously stated that the report was not true, but did not elaborate on any other details.

Source: K Star

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