Saltwater Spray Causes 50 New COVID-19 Cases at a Church Near Seoul

The churchgoers believed that spraying saltwater into your mouth killed off the coronavirus.

In light of the shocking news that there was another COVID-19 among churchgoers in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, the cause of the spread was revealed to be a saltwater spray, shocking the citizens even further.

Over One-Third of a Church Near Seoul Confirmed to Be Infected With COVID-19

It was recently reported that a total of 50 cases out of a total of 135 churchgoers were confirmed for the virus at River of Grace Church.

But the cause of the massive spread was a saltwater spray that was used to “sanitize” the attendees at the service.

According to the CCTV footage of March 1 and 8 when the service took place, the attendees were all sprayed in the mouth with a saltwater spray before they were admitted.

Gyeonggi Province’s emergency task force confirmed that due to a lack of understanding of the virus, it spread even more among the churchgoers.

This is an example of infodemic caused by misinformation. We confirmed that the attendees were sprayed in the mouth with a saltwater spray, but that spray wasn’t disinfected in between each people, making the spread inevitable.

– Gyeonggi Province Emergency Task Force

The symptoms of the confirmed cases have revealed to have been on March 8, and what began as 46 confirmed cases recently grew to a current total of 50.

This news is gaining particular interest due to the infamous “cult”, Shincheonji, which caused a massive spread of the virus around Korea.

“Religious Cult” Known as “Shincheonji” Revealed to Be at the Center of Coronavirus Outbreak in Korea

Although Korea is receiving recognition for how well they’ve been addressing the coronavirus issue, such incidents have been causing difficulty during their efforts to contain the spread.


Source: Dispatch