Netizens Notice Efforts Made By “Salty Tour” Following Jung Joon Young’s Scandal

“Omg, I watched that episode and I didn’t even know he was there.”

Netizens have been noticing the efforts made by the Salty Tour production team following Jung Joon Young‘s scandal.

In screenshots from a recent episode of Salty Tour, the cast members can be seen gathered together but Jung Joon Young’s face is nowhere to be seen.


When looked upon closely, however, one can tell that he is still present.


His face has simply been covered or hidden by subtitles that were added in by the production staff.


This was most likely intentionally done in order to avoid further complications following Jung Joon Young’s scandal. Jung Joon Young had shared hidden sex videos of women in a group chatroom that included Seungri and is currently awaiting a decision on his arrest warrant.

Jung Joon Young Taken Into Custody Until Arrest Warrant Decision Is Made


Netizens have been expressing that they feel bad for the production team for having to go to the extent of editing out Jung Joon Young in such a way.

  • “How annoying for the editing team.”
  • “Omg, I watched that episode and I didn’t even know he was there.”
  • “What did the editing team ever do wrong. They’re working so hard. It makes me tear up thinking about them editing each scene with subtitles like that because of you-know-who.”
  • “The production staff who does the editing is probably hoping that they only hire people who won’t make an issue from here on.”
  • “They probably spent the night doing that. What a nuisance for them. If I was the producer, I’d be pissed.”


In fact, this was not the first time Salty Tour was faced with a cast member’s scandal. One of the original members of the program, Kim Saeng Min, was caught up in a sexual assault scandal as part of the #MeToo Movement last year and subsequently stepped down from the program.

Dispatch Exposes Kim Saeng Min For Sexually Assaulting Two Women


This is all the more reason why netizens were empathizing with the production staff.

  • “I saw this and I think they’ve developed know-how since the Kim Saeng Min issue. I didn’t even know Jung Joon Young was there.”
  • “They’re probably good at it now since they’ve gone through it so many times.”
  • “It was so annoying when they did a close-up of Kim Saeng Min…I wanted to see the scenery too but I couldn’t.”
  • “The editing team had to do the same for Kim Saeng Min. I think they probably talked sh*t about them as they edited it.”
  • “I acknowledge the skills of the Salty Tour editing team!”


The program and tVN had also received a warning for violating broadcasting laws for an episode which showed Seungri inappropriately treating Sejeong.

Warning For Violating Broadcasting Laws Slapped On Seungri’s Salty Tour Episode With Sejeong

Source: Pann Nate

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