Samsung Misidentifies BTS Member

Jin and RM are not one and the same…

The article has been updated with Samsung’s response.

Samsung made a mistake, misidentifying a BTS member.


For years, Samsung and BTS have had a successful partnership. BTS act as the brand’s Global Ambassadors. In doing so, they advertise the Korean tech company’s products in photoshoots, commercials, and more. They even partnered for the BTS Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ phone.

They recently teamed up for the environmental campaign Galaxy for the Planet. In an ad, each member, one by one, held signs that together informed viewers on the environmental crisis as Suga‘s remix of Galaxy’s iconic “Over the Horizon” tune played.

BTS and Samsung Galaxy share a powerful message about protecting our planet. Let’s rethink the life of a product and work together for a better future.

— Samsung

Additionally, Samsung’s social media accounts frequently share promotional materials featuring the BTS members, such as behind-the-scenes photos. So, recently Samsung Gulf posted two images to Twitter simultaneously, advertising the Nightography feature of Samsung Galaxy S22, encouraging ARMYs to guess which BTS member was which based on only silhouette and a simple hint.

ARMYs could vote via poll, and, of course, it was an easy task for them. We can easily guess a member by their silhouette!

Sure enough, the results for the first member were revealed. It was leader RM, just as the majority had guessed!

And the second member to be revealed was eldest member Jin, again just as most ARMYs had guessed. Yet, Samsung Gulf had used the same caption as their previous post, thus identifying Jin as RM.

ARMYs were taken aback by the mistake made and have continually attempted to correct Samsung.

Some even jokingly commented that the team behind Samsung Gulf must have guessed wrong despite their post.

Honestly, posting similar content at the exact same time in itself probably was a mistake…

It was a whole day since Samsung Gulf addressed the misidentification. It still hadn’t been resolved when the social media manager posted another BTS advertisement.

Again, ARMYs encouraged a correction to be made before posting any more BTS content.

Finally, a couple of hours later, the original post misidentifying Jin as RM was deleted. Then the photo of Jin was reposted but with the proper caption.

Source: @SamsungGulf