[★TRENDING] Sandara Park was asked about dating G-Dragon, here’s what she said

Sandara Park denied that she’s dating G-Dragon after being questioned about the incident that started the original rumors.

The rumors began when the two YG Entertainment artists were spotted leaving BIGBANG‘s concert afterparty together. G-Dragon was seen holding Dara close to him and what appeared to even be a small kiss on the head.

Sandara Park has now confirmed that the relationship is not true but went further and revealed that she has no intentions to date anyone within YG Entertainment.

While she was filming for the talkshow, “Talking Street”, host HaHa mentioned the dating rumor to Dara by saying, “You had a dating rumor with G-Dragon recently, congratulations!”

In response, Dara responded with the following:

“We went to a BIGBANG concert afterparty and there were so much fans gathered outside. We were playing a joke. We didn’t know it would be publicized like that. The people at the company laughed at us saying G-Dragon put me in a headlock.

I don’t date within the company.”

— Sandara Park

YG Entertainment also denied the rumors after the incident occurred with the same sentiments as Dara. Their official statement was that G-Dragon simply wanted to play a joke and that they never kissed at all.


Source: Newsen