Sandara Park Reveals The Reason Why She Had No Choice But To Maintain Her 38kg (83 lbs) Weight

She went from 47kg to 38kg.

Sandara Park has always been known for her small build. At a mere 38kg (83 lbs) and 155cm (5 ft), she’s one of the skinniest K-Pop idols in all history.

Many assumed that she was naturally small for the longest time. Sandara did not participate in dieting during her peak days, compared to the other members such as Park Bom, who was always on a diet. But in a recent interview, Sandara revealed the truth behind her petite figure.

Sandara’s appetite is naturally small, so she does not eat huge portions often. This allowed her to be skinny and maintain her weight. However, during her time as an MC on Video Star, she began to follow the eating habits of fellow MC, Kim Sook. She ended up gaining up to 47kg (103 lbs). She recently dropped back to 38kg and here’s why.

Although she was healthier at 47kg, Sandara’s stylist was near tears as she asked the star to lose a little weight. As a stylist, it is important to make stars look good with the right clothes. The weight gain probably did not bode well for their wardrobe. Sandara also recognized that the weight did not sit well on her short height.

I don’t want to go back to that weight. I thought that I couldn’t go on like this. I realized that this weight did not suit my frame. As I’m short, 47kg was too much for me. My stylist choked up as she asked me to lose some weight. After I moved agencies, the vice-president also said, that I gained a lot of weight and I couldn’t face him.

— Sandara

Although 47kg is still a light weight to many, as an idol and celebrity, her priority was probably beauty over health. Despite this revelation, Sandara claims that she didn’t lose weight with 38kg as a goal in mind. It happened naturally as she reverted to her small eating habits.

Source: theqoo


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