A Sasaeng Disrupted NCT Dream’s Live Broadcast Again, And This Time Renjun Stepped In

Renjun had enough.

NCT Dream‘s live broadcast was interrupted by a sasaeng, and Renjun had enough.

On January 14, NCT Dream members Renjun, Jeno and Chenle held a surprise live broadcast to celebrate Chenle turning 20 in Korean age, or 19 in international age. While they were having a fun time talking amongst themselves, answering fan comments and just fooling around, fans noticed that Jeno’s phone was constantly ringing throughout the broadcast.


During the broadcast, a sasaeng constantly kept calling Jeno, and they kept calling more than 20 times. After hearing the phone ring constantly, Renjun then stepped in.

He took the phone from Jeno, and off-screen, could be heard telling the sasaeng to stop calling and hassling Jeno. While Renjun handled the situation, Jeno and Chenle both tried to cover it up by yelling to cover the sound (Jeno) and answering fan questions in the meantime (Chenle).


Renjun and Jeno both also tried to discreetly expose the sasaeng by trying to reveal their number.


This is not the first time the sasaeng has called Jeno in the middle of a broadcast. A few days ago, Jaemin, Jisung and Jeno were in the middle of another live broadcast and were playing a game, when the sasaeng again continuously kept calling Jeno’s phone. Jaemin then expressed his annoyance at the sasaeng, and revealed that this wasn’t the first time that they were calling him.


Fans have been extremely annoyed at the situation themselves.


You can watch it here, from the 5:40 mark.

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