SBS K-Drama “Joseon Exorcist” Will Reportedly Be Cancelled After Just Two Episodes Following Controversies

The show may never air again.

SBS K-Drama Joseon Exorcist will reportedly be cancelled after just two episodes following the show’s historical inaccuracy and Chinese PPL controversies.


According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, Joseon Exorcist will be cancelled after airing just two episodes due to the numerous controversies surrounding the production of the drama.

Ultimately, Joseon Exorcist will be cancelled. After the contents related to episode two are released, viewers will not be able to see the rest. PD Shin Kyeong Soo is currently contacting the actors in the drama to notify them of the cancellation.

— Drama insider

Even before Joseon Exorcist started airing, the show was plagued with issues, with lead actors Lee Yu Bi and Jang Dong Yoon suffering injuries on set. Once Joseon Exorcist began airing, the show received backlash for their portrayal of Korean history using Chinese products such as century eggs and Chinese mooncakes. Due to their inaccurate portrayal, around 20 companies who previously pledged advertisement to the show pulled out, including big names such as BLACKYAK, Bodyfriend, Ace Bed, Hite Jinro, and KT.

SBS stated that they would be editing the controversial parts, but that was not enough, as over 184,000 people have signed a Blue House petition to have the show removed from broadcast permanently.

Source: Ilgan Sports
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