SBS K-Drama “Model Taxi” To Exclude APRIL’s Naeun For Filming Of Promotional Video

They will film the promo video without her.

APRIL’s Naeun will be excluded from the SBS K-Drama Model Taxi promotions due to the recent bullying scandal.

A drama official revealed that they have canceled the filming of the promotional video and have changed the filming date to March 5 with just two of the main characters.

The filming for the promotional video which was originally scheduled for March 2 has been canceled. We have changed the date to March 5 and will reduce the filming to just two of the main characters, Lee Je Hoon and Lee Som. Although Naeun is a main character, she will be excluded from this video.

Naeun is currently filming as one of the main characters for the drama which is set to air on March 4. Because a large amount of filming has already taken place, the production crew still has yet to make a decision.

In connection to the controversy, the content of the drama she is filming is about a society where justice is missing, with the characters taking on revenge on behalf of the victim. Considering the bullying scandal, viewers may be uncomfortable watching her take on such a role.

Previously, a netizen claiming to be APRIL’s former member Lee Hyunjoo’s brother, claimed that she was bullied by the other members of the group. DSP Media released a statement denying the rumors and announced that they will be taking strong legal action against Lee Hyunjoo and her family.

Source: ilgan sports

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