Viewer Ratings For SBS K-Drama Plummet To An All-Time Low: Lead Actors Take Blame

There are four episodes left to air.

With a dozen episodes in, SBS‘s K-Drama My Demon is working toward the grand finale.

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While, at first, the show received a tremendous amount of spotlight for starring the most gorgeous “visual couple” as the main leads…

Song Kang’s Reaction To His “Visual Couple” Nickname With “My Demon” Co-Star Kim Yoo Jung Has Netizens Swooning

…the viewer ratings have plummeted over the weeks.

As of the latest release of Episode 12, the viewer ratings for My Demon sit at 2.9%, the lowest yet, after falling gradually from the 4.7% for Episode 8.

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Korean viewers believe the acting is to blame for the dip. As good-looking as the cast is, both the male lead, Song Kang, and the female lead, Kim Yoo Jung, have been slammed with criticism for their lack of acting skills…

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…while the scriptwriter has been called out for the plot.

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  • “The plot feels a bit silly… And the male lead sucks at acting. It makes the female lead’s acting look bad, too. SBS put too much faith in the visuals of the leads. Now, it’s failing.”
  • “Song Kang’s acting is keeping everyone at bay.”
  • “It’s not the greatest show. But it was sold overseas. So I don’t think it’s going to be a total loss.”
  • “The visuals are amazing, for sure. But nothing could help me overlook the lack of acting skills from both leads.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how good-looking the main leads are. Actors need to act well. It’s not like viewers watch K-Dramas just to stare at pretty faces.”
  • “I missed last night’s episode because I was watching the GDAs… I’ll catch the rerun.”
  • “Neither of the leads suit the characters that they are portraying… And they suck at acting. I don’t think the casting was successful.”
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  •  “For starters, the plot is not that interesting.”
  • “To be honest, I have no idea what the scriptwriter is trying to say. The plot is all over the place. I’d like to keep watching for the cast, but I can’t concentrate on the episodes at all.”
  • “I can’t believe a SBS K-Drama in a Fri-Sat airing spot can dip to a 2% rating… And it’s not like Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung are small names. The quality must be a lot sh*ttier than I’m imagining.”
  • “The leads’ visuals are straight out of our romantic fantasies. But… I’ve been skipping episodes here and there, if you get what I mean. Haha.”
  • “Song Kang should admit that his pronunication sucks and he should work on improving it. Once he completes his military service, he’s going to be in his 30s… So I think My Demon is going to be his greatest work, visual-wise. Had he worked on his acting skills a bit more, it could’ve been his greatest work, period. But no. Such a bummer. And Kim Yoo Jung can’t seem to pull off the right adult roles. Something about her styling for this show is off, too. I don’t think the director is all that good at creating aesthetic scenes. I’m just sad about it all because I’ve been following the episodes up until last night’s. But I’m running out of interest in watching what is basically a Song Kang editorial. I might switch to just watching reruns. Too bad the script sucks and the directing is weak.”
  • “Song Kang’s acting is WTF. Even Kim Yoo Jung’s is questionable for this show.”

Amid the backlash, the leads did prove to have solid chemistry—enough to get viewers speculating if the romance could be real!

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