SBS Reveals What Seungri Said in Response to Report of Another Celebrity’s DUI

“Why couldn’t they just prevent the coverage?”

SBS’s 8 O’Clock News recently revealed more chat logs exchanged between Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and Choi Jonghoon.

According to the report, Seungri started off the conversation by mentioning another celebrity’s DUI report and asking, “Why couldn’t they prevent the coverage?”

He added, “Couldn’t they just prevent the coverage from getting released? Maybe (Agency Name) decided to abandon (Celebrity Name).

This chat log suggests that Seungri had a strong sense of entitlement and believed that they could stop any reports from getting out even if they committed an illegal act.

Along with this chat log, other logs referring to the Seoul Police Chief Mr. Yoon and mocking the Korean law have been revealed which are causing public outrage.

Regarding these newly revealed chat logs, SBS stated, “They had a sense of entitlement and looked down upon the authorities as a result of their collusion with the police and the protection that followed.

Source: Insight

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