SBS Removes Red Velvet’s “2020 Gangnam Festival” Performances From Airing On TV Rerun

ReVeluvs aren’t too happy about it.

On October 18, 2020, some of the hottest K-Pop idols performed hit tracks as part of SBS‘s ON TACT 2020 GANGNAM FESTIVAL “Yeongdong-daero K-Pop Concert”.

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Fans streamed their favorite idol performances live at home on the YouTube channel SBS KPOP, including Red Velvet‘s “Psycho” and other song performances.

And as for the TV audience, the recorded “rerun” version aired on SBS as scheduled on November 1, 2020.

Red Velvet at the 2020 GANGNAM FESTIVAL. | @gn_family/Twitter

Unfortunately, following the recent controversy around member Irene, SBS opted to remove Red Velvet’s segment from the rerun entirely. The edited version aired all other performances and, with no explanation, skipped straight to the ending without showing Red Velvet’s performance.

Red Velvet performing “Pyscho”. | @gn_family/Twitter

SBS’s decision to exclude Red Velvet from the rerun has K-Pop fans feeling split. ReVeluvs are furious at SBS for snipping the entire performance…

Red Velvet performing “Pyscho”. | @gn_family/Twitter

SBS at it again, huh? Why though? Why cut out the entire performance? It’s not like the group as a whole committed a crime or anything. The performance already happened. People know it’s a part of the show… If anything, the girls AT LEAST deserve an explanation. What about the fans who waited for this rerun to watch Red Velvet’s performance? This is disrespectful.

— ReVeluv

… but Korean netizens at large believe SBS “probably had no other choice.”

  • “I feel bad for the other members… but it’s probably not SBS acting on its own. They probably talked to SM Entertainment about the removal. Don’t get upset at the broadcasting company for this. We don’t know the details.”
  • “Man, sucks for the teammates.”
  • “Don’t blame SBS for this. Irene is the one who got caught up in the controversy in the first place. Had she been a good person, this would not have happened.”
  • “Oh… Yeah. If it’s a rerun from recorded performance, I think it makes all the sense to remove the potentially controversial part.”
  • “Oh bummer…”
  • “This isn’t SBS being malicious. If anyone, then Irene herself is to blame.”
  • “I will never understand people who are getting worked up about this and getting mad at the broadcasting company for it. Like, for f*ck’s sake, you guys.”

This is not the first time Red Velvet’s Irene got “removed” because of the alleged “attitude problemas exposed by a stylist.

Read more about it here:

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Source: Topstarnews and THEQOO

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